There are three main types of wagers available on eSports betting sites. They are Real money bets, skin betting, and fantasy contests. In this article, you will find out more about them.

Real money bets

This is the traditional and the best-known type of betting, and all eSports betting sites offer this betting option. You can place real money bets on different betting markets like choosing the match winner, most kills, etc. If the outcome you choose comes true, you are rewarded depending on the betting odds. You can also use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for betting.

Skin betting

csgo skin kill confirmed

Skin betting has become popular more recently, as some of the eSports titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive started using different skins for in-game weapons. These skins are worth real money, and in you win a bet, you will receive different skins in return. Some of the skins are worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

A couple of betting sites offers an option to deposit money using your in-game skins. With this option, you can convert your skins to real money, and start betting using that.

Fantasy contests

Another popular type of betting are fantasy contests. You need to pay an entry fee to join a contest, where you can, for example, choose players who you think will score the best. In fantasy contests, you compete with other bettors, and each contest has a specific payout scheme for the total prize pool.

This type of betting is especially popular in the United States because it bypasses the very restricting gambling rules. The most popular fantasy betting site is DraftKings, however, the only eSports title they offer fantasy betting for is League of Legends.


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